Process chemical

Through an excellent partnership with a world market leader in the field of galvanic processes, we offer our customers at home and abroad the specialty chemicals for galvanic baths that produce optimal metal deposits even under harsh conditions. Thanks to our targeted product adaptations, you always get exactly the solution that is perfect for your needs. With actual analysis, machines, systems and production knowledge, we recommend products that pre-treat your coating goods in a resource-saving manner, electroplate efficiently and optimally post-treat them through passivation.

Process chemical

Process chemistry in surface technology

High quality products require very good process analysis in the validation phase. In our technical center we define your process with our process resources.

We advise and define your processes in the following areas:

  • Electroplating technology

    • Tarnish protection, cleaning, degreasing, electro plating baths


    • Metallic components can be protected from oxidation with a thin, transparent layer.

  • Precious metal electrolytes

    • Makeup solutions for decorative coating with colored gold, palladium, silver and much more