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Automation for the manufacturing industry



OTMK is a German company that specializes in the design, development and installation of standard systems for the automatic loading and unloading of industrial machines. With our automation solutions, we can also make your manufacturing processes such as CNC machines, plastic injection molding machines or all kinds of machines more profitable!

What's particularly positive is that our automation will pay for itself in just 6-18 months.

Through our IST analysis and customer solution solutions, we define the most efficient process for your investment budget.

Robotics in Production

Automation has now become synonymous with the use of robotics and machines to reduce or replace work tasks that were previously performed by employees. However, robotics is only one element of automation in the manufacturing industry. For material handling and assembly tasks, for example, three or six-axis robot arms are used, which complete these tasks faster and more efficiently than with human labor alone. These industrial robotic applications can help improve repeatable, high-volume processes, such as: B. by reorienting a part on a conveyor belt and lifting heavy objects. Control engineers can program robots to perform the same task in the same way every time. But with advanced technology, they can also provide them with more flexibility.